Saturday, December 25, 2010


so, i have this friend from home named amelia who keeps a very neat blog over here. maybe a little over a month ago she challenged me to a repeat pattern contest! the theme: ADVENTURE. she was inspired by this tutorial on design*sponge.

obviously, i couldn't say no. but i procrastinated a lottttt. in fact, i really only started on it a few nights ago and we set the due date for tock! i drew stuff that has to do with mine & matthew's life together, where we've been, where we are, what got us here...and things that will remain constants as we continue life's adventure together!

i discovered that just about any crappy drawing starts to look impressive once it's repeated a bunch of times... i loved my dad's response to the pattern - "i see all your life in there." that was the point!! &&&&& here's documentation of the process, because i so often find that to be infinitely more fascinating than the finished product.

this was my "aha!" moment from the other night - i found myself staring at this blank space, wondering what the hell to fill it with and then realized i had a perfect drawing already made up...BAYBERRY HOUSE! dreams, imaginary adventures, and future plans totally count.

i feel like i need some sort of drum roll considering i've been hard at work for two nights straight...but anyway, here 'tis!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i think i need this framed.

Monday, March 22, 2010

motion picture

i spent the afternoon assembling all the little video clips i took whilst in dc... i wanted to have something a little bit more fun than just photographs of myself in front of the white house and stuff. if you're interested in catching motion sickness from all the bumpy car ride footage, please enjoy!!

part 1, getting there from tylre on Vimeo.

part 2, the district day one from tylre on Vimeo.

part 3, the district day two from tylre on Vimeo.

part 4, day trip to baltimore! from tylre on Vimeo.

part 5, la fin from tylre on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


we don't get a lot of snow accumulation in the deep, yesterday when it snowed a few inches, some friends & i set out to frolic about and have magical times!

we were on our way to a place called kiesel park, but the bridge was out... alas! we found directions to some place called arrowhead park...which sounded comparable in terms of nature & vast spaces to run around in the! we set out on about a 10 minute detour on these back-woodsy roads to find this place and discovered that it was a TRAILER PARK. surprise!!!!!!!! luckily, the detour took us near kiesel and we got to go there anyway! the rest is pretty much self-explanatory.