Friday, October 12, 2012

fair time again!

all is fair from tylre on Vimeo.

fairly from tylre on Vimeo.

it's that time again! the NC state fair opened yesterday, and i cannot wait to find an evening to go next week! i just felt such euphoria watching videos from 2010 and 2012! someone please tell me i'm not the only 25 year old who gets this excited about the fair! also, i really miss these little videos i used to make... we're headed to philly this weekend so that i can attend girl crush philadelphia! i have been obsessed with shauna and stephen for so many years, i cannot wait to get to spend some time with her (and maybe meet him too?) and bask in their creative awesomeness for a few hours. oh! and i'm so happy to report we'll be stopping in DC on the way to PA to visit our dear friends hyunoo and colleen. i think this calls for another video!