Sunday, April 3, 2011

jennifer trausch & her giant polaroids

my favourite image from jennifer trausch's recent project.


  1. You should check out the pinhole truck!: Some guy who graduated from the men's college where I live turned a box truck into a pinhole camera! I went and saw one of his shows. Pretty neat!

  2. that's cool!!!!!!! sometime yeeeears ago i saw some room that had been converted into a pinhole camera & the image was projected onto one of the walls of the room? does this ring any bells? it was in a big city. perhaps nyc.

    in my adv. photo class in hs i also made a giant pinhole camera with some of my classmates out of some big appliance box. the image was like 9 8x10s all taped together. 'twas awesomeee.

  3. Aah, I saw one of those pinhole rooms (actually at the same college where pinhole truck guy went). They had it in a room in the library. The outdoors was projected on the wall and it was all upside down. It was really trippy to see cars driving by outside on the projection. Super neat.

    I never made a pinhole camera, sadly. I borrowed one of the super nice wooden ones from my school, along with some sheet film, took a ton of photos, then found out how much it cost and I never had the money for it. I wonder what they'll look like when I finally develop them!

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