Wednesday, July 13, 2011


lately i've been brainstorming a lot about launching a website featuring handmade cards and other art-related things. i've become quite obsessed with the thought! for now i am gathering ideas, themes, supplies, reinforcements, inspiration...........


  1. Very cool! If you do the website, you might consider Etsy. Some people consider their fees to be too high, but when I was serious about my yarn business and built my own website, I never made half the sales on it that I made on Etsy, even when I paid for advertising.

  2. yeah i think i will start an etsy if i become convinced people would actually buy the cards! :] gotta get involved in craft fairs and stuff...

  3. one word: YUSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! (and a bunch of exclamation marks!)

    i agree with the etsy idea...and there's also shopping cart plug-ins with wordpress that are pretty rad too!